Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Handy Car Wins Prize!

Handy car won the first prize in the Daily Driver Division!

Our prize will be and always has been the smiles on the faces of those who experience the car followed closely by the conversations and human interaction handy inspires. The traveling shrine makes the world a much better place.

That said it is truly wonderful to have our artistic work appreciated by a group of qualified judges in the most important artcar competition in the world.

The Orange show really does a wonderful job organizing hundreds of volunteers and providing the all important hospitality required to keep artcar artists there for the many visitors. If you want to know how to run an artcar event talk to them! http://www.orangeshow.org

A pitty that folks in Baltimore have not figured out the basics of hospitality yet. I wish that they would catch on so we can return the favor given to us in Houston.

Meanwhile I shall continue to offer what I can to anyone who wishes to come to baltimore for our events. Doesnt cost much to boil water for tea and coffee and as far as I know the morgage will be paid for a few months longer and is the same no matter how many folks stay in the house.

So.....come on down....