Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Handy Car Wins Prize!

Handy car won the first prize in the Daily Driver Division!

Our prize will be and always has been the smiles on the faces of those who experience the car followed closely by the conversations and human interaction handy inspires. The traveling shrine makes the world a much better place.

That said it is truly wonderful to have our artistic work appreciated by a group of qualified judges in the most important artcar competition in the world.

The Orange show really does a wonderful job organizing hundreds of volunteers and providing the all important hospitality required to keep artcar artists there for the many visitors. If you want to know how to run an artcar event talk to them! http://www.orangeshow.org

A pitty that folks in Baltimore have not figured out the basics of hospitality yet. I wish that they would catch on so we can return the favor given to us in Houston.

Meanwhile I shall continue to offer what I can to anyone who wishes to come to baltimore for our events. Doesnt cost much to boil water for tea and coffee and as far as I know the morgage will be paid for a few months longer and is the same no matter how many folks stay in the house.

So.....come on down....


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Another one of Joe and the record car Posted by Hello
conrad in a suit with Joes record car Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 14, 2005

the plaid guys car Posted by Hello

the plaid car guy- this year he did his name in binary and covered a rental car with artwork based on the same - see other photos Posted by Hello

car clothing always an interest- these people will teach you how to knit clothes for your car great promise in this Posted by Hello

once again handy Posted by Hello

another view of handy Posted by Hello

Before the parade but after judging as with the one with handria Posted by Hello

Handria after the prade as I am on the way for BBQ and bier Posted by Hello

a great use of brilliant color to make a design that can register at a distance Posted by Hello

A car dedicated to dancing Posted by Hello

wide view of the bourbon bug.  Posted by Hello

this is the bourbon bug from new orleans. a great study in deterioration of complex objects and materials but still interesting. Posted by Hello

Couldnt be better weather for the parade. I got up very early to make sure I still got there after the usual period of getting lost in Houston that comes with everything. I got there the first of all - should be a prize for that. Great weather sunny but on the warm side but this is why one goes to houston- to get the early summer. Posted by Hello

car Posted by Hello

car Posted by Hello

car Posted by Hello

car Posted by Hello

Harrod Blank made to pose by artcar artist Posted by Hello

horse head from school car Posted by Hello

handria again Posted by Hello

handria with new wand at squeeze Posted by Hello

wire on truck Posted by Hello

wire effect Posted by Hello

Kids enjoying handy Posted by Hello